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Our Study

Our mission is to create practical guidance in addressing anti-Asian racism among families. To do this, we are studying how Asian American parents and teenagers talk about anti-Asian racism and discrimination.

Join us in our mission 

Mother and Son

How can I help?

Consider participating in our study or sharing the opportunity with others. We are looking for parents and their adolescent children to help us answer research questions.​​

What is involved? 

  • An online survey about your experiences (30 min)

  • A guided discussion between the two of you about race over Zoom (30 min) 

  • Participants will receive a $20 gift card upon completion

Who is eligible?

Asian American parents and their 14 to 18 year old children with the following background:

  • ​​​​Currently live in the United States

  • Have at least an 8th grade level of English proficiency

  • Participating parent must be of fully Chinese or Korean descent

  • Participating adolescent must have at least one parent who is fully Chinese or Korean descent (teens can be biracial)

How can I donate?

For those who are interested in contributing philanthropically, please contact our team below. 


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